StarkEV celebrates celebrates its second anniversary

StarkEV celebrates its second anniversary

Did you know that StarkEV recently turned two?

StarkEV Celebrates its Second Anniversary

We started StarkEV with a mission to make EV charging more accessible and affordable for businesses and individuals nationwide. As 2030 draws ever closer and with it, laws preventing the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles, our mission is more important than ever.

Although the pandemic was difficult for a lot of businesses, we’re proud to have pushed through and be celebrating our second anniversary!

Electric vehicle ownership is on the rise

At the end of June 2023, there are now over 810,000 fully electric cars on UK roads and a further 510,000 plug-in hybrids, according to Zapmap. In June, 17.9% of all new car registrations were electric vehicles, with 31,700 new electric cars registered.

In the same period, there were more than 43,000 electric vans in the UK, with 2022 witnessing the biggest annual increase in the number of electric van registrations, with almost 17,000 electric vans registered – a growth of 30% compared to 2021.

With the number of electric vehicles on the rise, especially among businesses trying to reduce their carbon footprint, companies across the UK need to be prepared for the growing number of electric vehicles being driven by both staff and customers.

Adapting to EV charging

In line with the rise in the number of Electric Vehicles on the road – a number which is only likely to increase further – StarkEV aims to help businesses future-proof their premises.

Our experience in the sector allowed us to identify the need for more EV charging stations to be installed both locally and nationwide – and so StarkEV was born! 

From Lizard Point to Liverpool, we’ve installed EV chargers the length and breadth of the country for hotels, spas, holiday lets, caravan parks, car parks and other commercial and industrial premises.

Looking ahead

We have come a long way in two years and we’re thrilled to be able to say that we have installed an incredible number of electric vehicle charging points across the UK, helping business owners and individuals make the switch to electric vehicles.

But we’re not stopping there! We’re really excited to see what the future holds for StarkEV and to see how else we can help people nationwide to switch to electric – saving them money, helping them to run businesses more reliably, supporting them in reducing their carbon footprint, and in some cases helping them to get government grants!

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible EV charging solutions, and are confident that we will continue to grow and expand in the years to come.

For more information about us here at StarkEV, you can drop us an email at or call us on 0121 289 6500.

Happy birthday, StarkEV!

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