Businesses That Would Benefit from EV Charging Solutions

Benefit from EV Charging Solutions

Electric vehicles have been gradually on the rise since they were first introduced on the market, with the number of people making the switch to electric vehicles being particularly prevalent in more recent years. Individuals aren’t the only ones who are opting for electric vehicles, however, but many businesses are also incorporating them into their commercial vehicle fleet.

This is even more so thanks to the introduction of electric vans by many of the leading manufacturers in all body types, from panel vans to dropsides and everything in between. With the number of businesses that rely on such vehicles for their efficient operation, it’s a good idea for them to consider investing in EV charging point installations.

Read on below as we discuss in more detail which businesses would most benefit from electric vehicles and/or chargers and why.

Why Electric Vehicles and Why Now?

There are a number of reasons why, as a business, you should consider incorporating electric vehicles into your commercial fleet. Firstly, they will save you money. Despite being a higher initial investment, electric vehicles actually work out as much more economically efficient to run in comparison to combustion vehicles, meaning you will save your company money in the long run.

In addition to this, by using electric vehicles, you will be significantly reducing your carbon footprint as a business, of which there is a lot of expectation for companies to do given the current climate crisis and social emphasis on adopting more sustainable practices. This, in turn, even has the potential to increase your social standing above competitors and encourage new customers to utilise the services you offer.

One key goal that is especially important to take into consideration is the government’s plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. This means that any new vehicle you would wish to buy to add to your fleet would have to be electric, unless you purchased them second hand. That’s why, along with the other reasons, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game and invest in electric vehicles now.

Of course, electric vehicles come hand in hand with EV chargers. One of the great things about these is that, unlike petrol and diesel pumps, they can be installed at your private/commercial premises. As such, you could have efficient and useful charging solutions at your disposal without the reliance of having to go elsewhere to charge your electric vehicles, as well as offering any visitors to your business the chance to charge their vehicles whilst taking in some passive income.

Below, we’ve listed some specific businesses that we think would particularly benefit from installing EV chargers and potentially investing in electric vehicles at the same time, discussing why this is the case.

Business Sectors to Benefit from EV Charging Points


Whether you employ regular staff or enlist the help of soul traders for your contract work, the use of vans in construction is abundant. Tipper vans and dropside vans in particular are relied heavily upon for loading, transporting and unloading tools , equipment and bagged and loose materials.

A lot of the new electric vans on the market with these body types in particular are being targeted at construction workers, with emphasis on their minimal environmental impact and efficiency without compromise on loading capabilities. They certainly seem to be the option many people have started and will start swaying towards in upcoming years.

With this in mind, it would be beneficial for construction companies to install EV chargers at their ‘home base’, since it will allow any electric work vans to be charged when not in use and/or ready to make the journey to a worksite, as well as in between uses or during loading, should it be relied upon a lot throughout the day, to ensure that it always has enough power to keep up work efficiency.


This one is a no-brainer, especially for couriers based in busy towns and city areas. With the amount of clean air zones and congestion charges being introduced in such areas, as well as the constant stop-start traffic, it makes most sense for courier companies to start investing in electric vans.

Electric vehicles not only produce zero tailpipe emissions into the atmosphere (thus saving such companies from having to pay congestion charges whilst reducing their impact on the environment), but they are also much more efficient at driving in urban areas thanks to their brake regeneration properties.

Brake regeneration is a feature of many electric vehicles, whereby the kinetic energy produced from braking is captured and converted into electrical power that is recycled back into the battery, thus extending the vehicle’s battery life and available range throughout the day. In comparison to combustion vehicles, this even works out as having a better fuel efficiency.

With the particular benefits that electric vehicles offer courier companies and the range of suitable vehicles available – be it regular panel vans, luton vans for large goods and car derived vans for outsourced/freelance couriers – we think that it’s an incredibly wise business decision for such companies to look at expanding or converting their delivery vehicle fleet to either hybrid or electric vehicles if they want to increase both their economical and business efficiency.

Looking into EV charging installations at their delivery hub, then, would allow them to ensure that all electric vehicles in their fleet are sufficiently charged and ready before being loaded up to go out on their delivery route. By utilising private charging solutions, they would reduce the need to set aside time in the day to charge their vehicles at public charging stations, which would subsequently impact the time in which they could otherwise be making deliveries.

Local Dealerships

Considering that the very nature of these companies revolves around vehicles, it makes more sense for car dealerships to have EV charging points than it does many other businesses.

Looking first at car dealerships, many of these will have a combination of combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles to offer their potential customers. Of course, when you do buy a new car, these do not typically come with a full tank of fuel, but it is courtesy to leave you with enough to make the journey to a local petrol station to fill up. The same courtesy is offered with electric vehicles.

However, most if not all dealerships allow their customers to test drive the car that they are interested in buying before making a final decision, meaning it is their responsibility to ensure that their vehicles have enough fuel – or, in this case, charge – to complete these test drives.

This is where EV chargers would come in handy. By having EV charging points on the dealerships premises, they would be able to easily charge any of their hybrid and electric vehicles as and when needed to ensure that they are ready to take out if required.

Another benefit is that they could even be used to demonstrate to any customers that are interested in investing in an electric vehicle how charging works, aiding in their overall satisfaction with the sales experience.


Whether they’re going on a weekend getaway or a local holiday, one thing that can make or break where people decide to stay is whether there is parking available on site. Thanks to the small size of the UK, we are lucky to have the luxury of being able to drive to destinations all across the country within a matter of hours, which is what many people decide to do when deciding to travel nationally.

However, this means that they have to think about where they can park at their destination and if they can do so for free – in fact, this often plays a big decision in deciding where they will stay for the duration of their trip. This is when hotels and B&Bs with on-premise parking are more desirable than those without.

To increase this desirability even further, having EV charging points installed in these carparks could make all the difference in putting one above the other. By offering charging solutions to customers who may drive hybrid or electric vehicles (as many people do nowadays), such businesses would be catering to the needs of a wider clientele and increasing prospective customers.

This is also a great way to bring in a passive income that could even potentially offset the electricity costs from these chargers being used in the first place, even whilst offering a reduced rate compared to public charging stations in order to keep customers happy.

EV Charger Suppliers

Whether looking to install a single charger or bank of chargers, StarkEV is here to help you with all of your commercial charging needs.

Offering both AC fast chargers and DC rapid chargers, we will manage the project from start to finish, which includes a comprehensive site survey, detailed proposal, organising any necessary groundworks, line marking, creating signage and installing the charging system(s) – ensuring the process is as seamless and stress-free as possible for you throughout.

For more information on our chargers and service or to book a consultation, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.