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EV Charging

Lisa Finnis

PA to the board at Whittan Industries



Whittan Group brings together positive people and innovative products to design, create, deliver, install and maintain the UK’s most flexible and future-proof storage solutions.

By turning empty space into storage space, Whittan helps companies expand their capabilities and maximise opportunities for them and their customers through building more space, providing space to grow into, or optimising current space to help take a business to the next level.

The company’s head office is located in Telford, Shropshire, with additional sites in Brierley Hill, Wakefield and Hyde.

With its expertise in industrial manufacturing, Whittan wanted to ensure its staff members could travel between sites and to visit customers efficiently.

Whittan has a fleet of 107 hybrid cars for its team of directors, project managers and salespeople and therefore needed a reliable way to keep vehicles powered up and the team on the move.

Whittan EV Charger

What work did StarkEV complete?

Whittan’s partnership with StarkEV started after a glowing recommendation from another contractor, kickstarting what would become a fantastic working relationship.

Electric vehicle owners often face the same problems when arriving at a site; firstly, EV charging bays are difficult to spot and secondly, once they have located the usually isolated charger, it is typically already occupied.

To combat the lack of chargers, Whittan opted for six 22kW AC chargers mounted on StarkEV’s dual pedestals. The team then marked out bays to allow for the correct space needed for charging, while still leaving comfortable access to the vehicles. Once these areas had been defined, our line painting team decorated the bays to identify them as EV charging bays, so drivers can easily spot them.

After installing charging units at its site in Brierley Hill, Whittan then asked the StarkEV team to install six EV chargers at its Milton Keynes site. We installed a local distribution board to supply power for the EV charge points and ran 32A 3Phase supplies to each ChargePoint unit. The board was mounted inside a fully IP-rated enclosure ensuring it’s safe from the elements. A total of 21 chargers were installed across the sites.

Who did you deal with at StarkEV?

“I mostly dealt with Stuart, but also Emma. Nine times out of 10, I could just drop Stuart a message if we needed something fixed. A direct line to the boss!” said Lisa. “I get on really well with him and they’re just so professional. I’ve got a lot of time for [the team].”

Would you recommend them to others?

Having previously dealt with some far bigger EV charger installers, Lisa described the experience as ‘nightmarish’.

“The customer service was a nightmare, and they were so unhelpful,” she said. “Sadly, the engineers weren’t any better. I had got the engineer booked in and when he arrived, he didn’t even have the tools or equipment he needed.

“Stuart and StarkEV are a world away from that. They arrived on time – an immediate bonus – and were so efficient. It’s just so clear that they know their onions and the guys in the office are very courteous too. They’ve even fixed a unit that we broke, for free. They really care about their customers. Nothing is too much trouble for them.”

One of the key benefits of working in partnership with a smaller company like StarkEV is the personal touch.

Lisa said: “You get to speak to real people, and be spoken to like a real person. I don’t feel like I’m being fobbed off or passed from pillar to post. I like the personal touch, it’s like you’re the only customer. There’s no ‘I’m too big or important to talk to you’. I’m very happy with them and I know that everyone I’ve spoken with is as well.”

“I definitely recommend them – a five-star rating. If there were 20 stars, I’d give them 20 stars. I can’t praise them enough.”

Whittan EV Charging Bay
Stark EV Electric Vehicle Charging Point