Chargepoint Management System

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Fuuse Chargepoint Management System

Take charge of your EV Charger with Fuuse. Tailor your Fuuse platform to get exactly what you need from your EV Chargers.

If you are looking to charge your customers or staff for the use of your EV chargers, then Fuuse has everything you need to make this a stress-free and seamless experience. As our charger management system of choice, Fuuse is our go-to when installing commercial chargepoints.

EV Charging Platform
At a glance

Open chargers to the public with Fuuse Billing.
Set multi tariffs and opening times.

Flexible access controls and comprehensive tariff management give you and your customers greater control of your networks.

Manage your chargers and
monitor their usage, securely.

Use the reporting tools and alerts to optimise charger usage. Plus, easily report on CO2 and NOx savings.

Reset hardware, start and stop sessions and unlock connectors, with a simple click.

Take Control of your Chargers

Fuuse offers a central platform for managing, monitoring, and operating your chargers. Fuuse allows for the essentials of charging and reporting, and gives you the tools to maximise your charging investment.

Tailor your Fuuse platform to get exactly what you need from your EV Chargers.

Key Features of Fuuse Core

Allow charger access to only the drivers you want.

Set different opening times for different days and different groups. Open chargers up to the public when not in use to maximise utilisation.

Charge by RFID card, Pay As You Go, or Driver App.

Generate Revenue

If you are looking to receive payment for charging, you need a comprehensive set of tools to best serve yourself and your customers. Fuuse Billing is a secure PCI compliant solution that gives you the freedom to start generating revenue from charging points.

Open your chargers to the public for an additional revenue stream, or charge a fee to cover your energy usage.

Key Features of Fuuse Billing

Set opening hours and manage multi-tariffs and subscriptions.

Attract drivers by having your chargers discoverable on popular mapping tools like Zap-Map, Google Maps and Apple Map, plus in car navigators.

Managing payments has data, legal and FCA implications to consider.  Fuuse can take the strain for you, managing all payments for charging sessions and simply delivering one monthly payment to you.

Give drivers peace of mind with bookings and discourage bay hogging with overstay fees, ANPR, and bay sensors.

Maximise Uptime

Fuuse goes far beyond simple charger issue reporting, they provide a comprehensive service that monitors network health and ensures your
chargers are back up and running as soon as possible.

Fuuse offers a suite of tools that will enable you to keep your chargers running smoothly without moving from your desk.

Key Features of Fuuse Maintenance

Start and end sessions, perform hard and soft resets and unlock connectors, all remotely with a click of a button.

Track open issues directly in the Fuuse platform, adding images, location details and additional notes.

Issues are created and alerts sent before the driver reports a problem.

Fuuse pulls OCPP messages directly into the platform including boot notifications, status updates and heartbeats.