Case Study

Tuffins Supermarket - Craven Arms, Shropshire

EV Charger

We recently installed one of our EF160CJ 150kW 3-gun DC chargers and 3x of our AK22 22kW pedestal-mounted AC EV Chargers at Tuffins Supermarket and Garden Centre in Craven Arms, Shropshire. 

Our End-To-End solution was utilised on this job; carrying out the required groundworks, fitting the chargers in place, installing new power supplies, painting the parking bays, and installing payment software on the chargers. Every aspect of the installation was handled by us. StarkEV also provide after-sales support offering maintenance on the chargepoints themselves and with the back-office payment software.


StarkEV excavated the tarmac on the carpark from the side of the building to the fence line. A concrete base was installed a fully IP-rated, lockable, secure hut to house the Distribution Board required for the EV Charger power supplies. Ducting was required for each of the 4x EV Chargers.

Power Supplies

A 4way 3Phase 250Amp Distribution Board was installed local to the EV chargers, with power taken from the main LV panel. Supplies were then run from the newly installed Board to each of the EV Chargers.

Parking Bays

The EV Charger parking bays were coated with tough and durable outdoor-rated epoxy resin, to mark the designated electric vehicle charging parking bays. Barriers were installed in front of each EV charger to protect them from accidental damage.

Payment Software

StarkEV have partnered with Fuuse on our commercial chargers. Fuuse provide a flexible chargepoint management system, allowing users to set up access controls, generate revenue, maximise uptime, and optimise energy usage. Fuuse software is installed on all 4x chargepoints. Fuuse take care of the payments and billing, allowing Tuffins to be stress-free when it comes to their commercial chargers.

Fuuse Mockup
Electric Car Charging Bay
Electric Car Charging Bay