Commercial EV Charging

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever, with many people switching to a future-proof electric car. Lowering your carbon footprint is a driving point for EV transition, but these cars are also full of advanced tech, creature comforts and are great to drive.

But with the influx of electric vehicles comes a demand for commercial EV charging stations. Charging from home works for some people, but for longer journeys and regular commuters, the more electric car charging points there are, the better. As we move towards an all-electric future, now is the time to invest in commercial EV charging.

How StarkEV Can Help Your Business

Whether you’re looking for a single charger or bank of chargers, StarkEV can help you.

We are here to help you with all of your commercial EV charging needs.

Offering a charging solution can help you develop a loyal customer base of EV drivers and give you a competitive edge.
StarkEV will manage the project from start to finish, making the process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

One of our expert installers will conduct a comprehensive site survey at a time suitable for you. We will provide a detailed proposal, making you aware of all that’s involved.

We will liaise with your Distribution Network Operator if an application or supply upgrade is required. We will also organise any required groundworks, painting and line marking on the EV charger parking bays, and create signage, if required.

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Types of EV Charge Points

There are a number of different types of commercial EV charging stations, only some of which are suitable for all electric cars.

22kW - Public Charge Points

Commonly found in service stations, car parks and supermarkets. These take around 3 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle.

50kW - Fast Public Charge Points

These quickly charge an electric vehicle up to 80%, and then slowly for the last 20% to preserve the health of the battery. Ideal for long journeys, this only takes around 40 minutes.

350kW - Ultra Rapid Public Charge Points

These EV charging points are few and far between, and aren’t suitable for many zero emission vehicles.

How to Use Commercial EV Charging Points

The charging points don’t just vary in how fast they charge, but also how they are used by EV drivers.

Step 1

You park your electric vehicle in the designated area and attach the charging cable. Most regular and rapid chargers have a cable attached to the charge points but some may need you to use your own charger that came with your EV.

Step 2

Once your cable is attached, you can start the charging session from the charging point. Some will be app enabled, key card or fob, depending on the charger. On some EV charging points, you can pay directly using your credit or debit card, without the need for authentication.

When the charging begins, there will be lights that appear on the charging station, your car’s dashboard or a charging app (if applicable).

Step 3

When charging is complete, you swipe your card on the charging point again, or cancel from the app. Until you do this, the cable will be locked, avoiding the risk of theft and electric shock.

Once the cable is released, your electric vehicle charging is complete.

We offer AC fast-chargers, and DC rapid-chargers. Our AC chargers are suitable for single-phase and three-phase power supplies, and are available in 7kW (single-phase), 11kW and 22kW (three-phase) options. Our DC chargers range from 60kW to 150kW. 

EV Charger Installation

As more people are buying an electric car, it makes sense to install EV charge points anywhere that people park. If you own a business, installing electric car charging points at your place of work is an incentive for your employees to become EV driver and is a perk for existing ones.

Setting up EV charging points is simple and inexpensive with the right provider. Not only will having electric vehicle charging points generate additional revenue, but will also show any visitors that you’re keen to future-proof your business.

Chargepoint Management System

StarkEV have partnered up with Fuuse Chargepoint Management System. Fuuse offers a range of features to help chargepoint owners oversee the use and management of their EV charging stations.


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Chargepoint Visibility

Online Chargepoint Maps

By offering charging facilities at your business premises, you can attract customers by making your location visible on public charging point maps. As public chargepoints are visible online, new customers will be able to find your business while planning out their journey ahead of time, or while they’re on the road.

Parking Bays

StarkEV can also make your charge points visible to passersby by marking out the Parking Bays as dedicated EV charging bays. Using outdoor grade hardwearing epoxy resin to mark out the bays, your EV chargers will stand out to anyone driving by.

Technology Map
Whittan EV Charging Bays
Commercial Charging

Funding and Finance Options

StarkEV offer a variety of funding and finance options to help your business create, and expand, its charging infrastructure. 

Commercial Charging