ICSH7D: StarkEV's new 7kW Domestic EV Charger

ICSH7D StarkEV 7kW Domestic EV Charger

StarkEV are proud to announce that we now have our own Domestic EV Charger!

Our 7.2kW single phase EV charger is fully tailored to domestic use, and our qualified, fully insured, expert installers can have this up and running at your home within a few hours.

Why should I get an EV Charger installed at home?

Having your own domestic EV charger is by far the most convenient way to charge your EV. By charging your vehicle overnight you can lessen ‘charge anxiety’ and ensure you always leave home with a fully charged car.

Charging at home is also cheaper than using public EV chargepoints. The fee for using public chargepoints usually includes the cost of the electricity plus an additional fee per kWh. By using your home charger you would only pay for the electricity you use, and you would be able to schedule charging during off-peak hours saving you even more money.

7kW chargers are considered to be ‘fast chargers’ and have rapidly become the standard option for the majority of UK homeowners. This is because they considerably speed up the charging process, generally being able to charge an EV from empty to full in around four to six hours (naturally, this will vary depending on your individual car and its battery capacity).

As more and more of the UK population transition towards electric vehicles, having a dedicated charging point at your home is being seen as increasingly desirable.

Smart Charging

The EV charger comes with a free app which will allow you to control the smart charging element from your smartphone. The EV charger allows scheduling of charging to take place during times of the day when there is likely to be much more renewable energy being supplied into the grid, e.g. midday during the summer or very windy days. This is a useful function if you’re particularly concerned about the environment.

The charger also allows you to charge your EV using solar energy (if you have solar panels installed on your home).

Smart functions also include:

  • Remote locking – allowing you to provide access for other people to use your charger when you’re not at home.
  • Monitor energy usage – providing real-time data of how much energy you’ve used.
  • Track charging costs – providing a cost summary of every charging session.


Installation Considerations

An important point to consider when choosing a home EV charger, is how and where it will be installed. Our charging unit, is small and discreet, and comes in a black or white finish, making it suitable for any home.

The charging port on most EVs are located where you’d normally expect to find a petrol or diesel filling cap, but that isn’t always the case. If your EV’s charging port is located on the front of the car or some other position, you may want to install your EV charger in a more convenient location for easy access. In order to make your charger easier to use, you should also install it at a suitable height. You also want to ensure that it is not placed near the floor in case flooding occurs.

The charger will need an active internet connection to enable the smart functionality. As such, you’ll want to select an installation point that isn’t too far away from your home’s Wi-Fi router. Having said that, if your installation point is a little too far away from your home’s router, we can install a Wi-Fi booster, or run a dedicated data connection from your router.

Our Charger

The ICSH7D charger is fully tailored to domestic EV charging. Its smart charging capabilities give you full control over your EV charger, and gives you the ability to track and monitor your electricity usage. The free ICS2.0 Lite app enables timed charging allowing you to take advantage of the off-peak electricity tariffs now increasingly offered by energy companies, making it a very cost-effective way to charge a vehicle.

Our EV Charger is fully compatible with solar and battery storage, having an optional charging modes which use 100% green energy generated from your own home Solar PV system. 

Take a look at the datasheet for more information.

EV Charging Grant

The OZEV EV chargepoint grant is available for renters and flat owners. The grant can help towards the cost of installing an electric vehicle charger at your property. You can get 75% off the cost to buy and install a socket, up to a maximum of £350. You can apply for this grant if you either:

  • own and live in a flat (this includes flats bought through the shared ownership scheme)
  • rent any residential property


You must own an eligible vehicle and your home must have its own private off-street parking space. You cannot apply if you have already claimed for the grant or its predecessors – the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) or the Domestic Recharge Scheme. The chargepoint, and our team of installers, are both OZEV-approved.

Getting a Quotation

StarkEV are happy to provide free of charge, no obligation quotations. All we’ll need is a couple of photos to get you a price. Just send us a photo of your main fuse and electricity meter, and a photo of where you’d like your charger to go. We can also carry out site surveys if you’d prefer us to visit.

Please contact us to arrange your quotation!