Increased EV charger infrastructure

Increased EV charger infrastructure

Increased EV charger infrastructure

UK's EV charging network grew by nearly half in 2023

There was some fantastic news earlier this week for the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, which saw a remarkable expansion of nearly 50% in 2023, marking a significant step towards a fully electrified future.

According to data from Zapmap, the nation’s charging network grew by a staggering 45%, culminating in a total of 53,906 accessible chargers by the end of the year.

A surge in ultra-rapid chargers

This growth also reflects a strategic shift towards faster and more convenient charging solutions. Ultra-rapid chargers (100kW+), capable of significantly reducing charging times, witnessed a phenomenal 112% increase since 2022, surpassing 4,800 units. This surge addresses a key concern for long-distance EV travel, paving the way for long haul, nationwide journeys.

The number of slow (3-6kW) chargers also grew significantly and is now up by 65%, with more than 14,700 units. This expansion ensures readily available charging options for everyday needs, whether at home, workplaces, or public spaces. Notably, on-street chargers also saw a 72% increase, indicating a commitment to integrating EV charging into urban landscapes, further enhancing convenience.

This acceleration in charging infrastructure directly benefits EV drivers, offering greater confidence and flexibility for both existing and prospective owners. Range anxiety, once a significant barrier, is steadily diminishing as charging options become increasingly easy to find and simple to use.

The time is now for electric vehicles and EV charging

For those considering joining the EV revolution, this is the perfect time. With a rapidly expanding network and diverse charging solutions available, the transition to EV is smoother than ever.

Companies across the UK need to be prepared for the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads. With the ownership of electric and hybrid vehicles increasing rapidly, it is important to be  prepared. These recent statistics are incredibly encouraging but there’s still more to be done.

If you’re trying to work out which charger is right for you then consulting with dedicated EV charging professionals, like our experts at StarkEV, can help you navigate the landscape and choose the ideal solution for your individual or business needs. Whether you want just one charger, or enough to accommodate a fleet of vehicles, we can cater to every job.

We are incredibly proud of our contribution to making the EV revolution a reality, having installed more than 225 chargers in 105 locations nationwide in just two and a half years.

Trust the EV experts

At StarkEV it is our mission to make electric vehicles accessible to all – offering an expert service from start to finish, as well as giving customers the option of shared ownership and finance plans, helping more businesses to comply with EV charging requirements.

Our solutions are end-to-end, from supply and construction, to charger installation, and the creation of dedicated parking bays. We truly are a one-stop shop for all of your electric charging needs.

If you’ve been convinced to make the switch or need an upgrade, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team via email or by calling 0121 423 3883.

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