Why Install An Electric Charger At Your Business

More and more workers are turning to electric cars. They stop the use of fossil fuels, help the environment, and with the implementation of clean air zones around the country, can help you save money on charges.

That is why businesses nowadays need to adapt to the times and consider installing an EV charging station at their commercial or industrial premises. Here are a few reasons to offer EV charging at your business.

A Quick Guide To StarkEV Chargers

EV Charging Benefits

Attract Customers

Drivers of electric vehicles use apps and maps to see where nearby charging stations are. This way you can attract customers to come to your business. While they wait for their car to charge, they may be encouraged to shop in nearby businesses, including yours.

Promote Sustainability & Reduce Carbon Footprint

Businesses nowadays love to demonstrate they are taking steps to promote sustainability at their business, and installing an EV charger is a great way to do this. It offers workers the chance to switch to an electric vehicle to make the most of the charger, and shows potential customers you are a business that cares.


Governments around the world have recently begun giving incentives to businesses looking to promote sustainability. In the UK, the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) has the OZEV workplace charging scheme, which can get you grants of £350 off the installation of each EV charger socket. With up to 40 sockets covered on the scheme, the maximum benefit of this grant is £14,000 off chargers.

Electric Vehicle Charging Installers

So if you’re looking for help installing a single charger, or a bank of chargers for your business, get in touch with StarkEV. Our cutting edge EV charging solutions are available in a range of styles and power supplies, so you can find an option that is perfect for your business.

We are an OZEV-approved business, so by working with us you can get money off the installation of charging sockets today. If you’d like any more information or would like to book a consultation, give us a call on 0121 289 6500 or email info@starkev.co.uk.