Prominent Electric Vehicle Misconceptions

It’s no coincidence that electric vehicles are an increasingly common sight on British roads, and with legislation and government guidance pointing in the direction of EVs, there are plenty of reasons to acquire one. 

Prominent Electric Vehicle Misconceptions

Despite the numerous benefits, plenty of myths and misconceptions still exist about vehicle charging, expense and suitability – which we’ll attempt to debunk here. Read on and allow StarkEV to provide further insight on batteries, commercial use, etc.

Electric Vehicles Are An Inconvenience To Charge

Though you may be more accustomed to accessing the local petrol station when your work vehicle or family car is running low on fuel, electric vehicles work in a different (and arguably more convenient) way altogether. Instead of relying on a limited, dwindling supply of diesel or petrol, EV points can be used to charge vehicles overnight or over time –  surprisingly quick and easy.

Following installation either directly outside your home or within commercial premises, some of the very best systems are supplied and installed by StarkEV. DC chargers from us can range from 60kW to 150kW – with outright purchase and finance options available.

They Do Not Have The Battery Range To Travel Far

Though there is some truth to the fact that electric vehicles are somewhat restricted by their range, it also remains true that the vast majority of drivers cover far less than 100 miles in their vehicle every day – a figure which most electric vehicles are capable of with ease.

By charging overnight and planning for longer journeys, there are few limitations to acquiring and subsequently being resourceful with your electric van or car. Electric cars can come equipped with a range of up to 200 miles, ideal for even long-haul delivery drivers.

EVs Are Too Expensive

Though the outright cost of an electric vehicle may be lower than that of a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle, there are savings to be made in other departments, and with the price of fossil fuels showing no sign of decreasing, long-term you may be better off making these changes sooner rather than later. There are plenty of financial benefits to be found from commercial installation and maintenance too if you’re a senior stakeholder, due to the growing demand.

The Grid Cannot Support An Increase In Electric Vehicle Charging

Contrary to the belief of some, the electricity grids in most developed nations will be completely fine – just as long as the demand is managed. The British government has invested extensively in measures to ensure EVs are quickly and easily integrated into a number of contexts – so there are unlikely to be issues in relation to the power supply.

At StarkEV, we understand the need for companies to prepare for a new sustainable way of living. Organisations need to be prepared for the growing number of electric vehicles that staff and customers are driving, and with the ownership of electric and hybrid vehicles increasing rapidly, it is important to be prepared. Whether you want just one charger, or enough to accommodate a fleet, contact us today and learn more about varied options!