Making Commercial Premises More Sustainable

There’s a lot to be said about the relationship between business and sustainability, with research studies highlighting the worrying relationship between for-profit organisations and the precarious state of the climate. We all have a part to play, though some changes are more necessary than others due to their impact.

The burning of fossil fuels to power diesel and petrol vehicles is a huge contributor to global warming, making electric vehicles a viable alternative. Looking for further insight into business sustainability measures? Read ahead and discover more with StarkEV – a leading EV Charging Company.

On-Site EV Charging

The on-site charging of electric vehicles is a fantastic way to encourage sustainable transport, adding to convenience, saving money for employees and generally ensuring your organisation acts in a more eco-friendly manner.

Individuals can use the assigned EV charging stations to charge their electric vehicles while in the office or commercial premises, while you may even want to supply charging bays for customers and clients. Employees will be likelier to shun traditional fuel-guzzling vehicles if they have a readily available location for EV installation.

Smart Tech

Smart tech has become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially when used to track energy efficiency, appliance usage and other important metrics. Be it a smart metre which can track peak energy usage times, or a mobile app which allows you to switch appliances off and control power output remotely, there are all manner of interesting and efficient gadgets constantly being released.

Consider smart lighting, self-regulating HVAC systems and more, as you keep your eye out for developments and innovations to stay on top of sustainable energy goals. There may even be the potential for savings as an added bonus – making these appliances a win-win.

Sustainable Energy

Forms of energy which are sourced via sustainable means are especially desirable as prices inevitably fluctuate and households or businesses look for affordable alternatives. From solar energy and wind energy to bioenergy and other types – a commercial business can mark itself out from the rest by actively searching for efficient yet affordable and environmentally conscious energy provisions.

Recycle And Repurpose

As simple as it gets, encouraging employees and customers to recycle can immediately render a workplace more sustainable than before – and implementing recycling is easy. All you need is signage, adequate waste bins and a commitment to enforcing these procedures. Other rules and regulations may entail cutting out single-use plastic packaging.

At StarkEV, we work to offer end-to-end solutions for commercial EV charging point installation, helping with every stage of the journey. Not only can we help to design bays, all the way to installing the charger and even painting bay lines, but we provide a full consultation, assessing the suitability of your site and offering advice. Any further queries? Contact the team!