A Comprehensive Guide To EV Charging

If you use the roads in any capacity, the chances are that you’ve noticed an increase in the number of electric vehicles within the city streets and general urban area. This is no coincidence, with the general public beginning to favour these sustainable solutions, in part due to their driveability, low maintenance and upkeep costs, as well as the convenience of being able to charge from home overnight.

guide to EV charging

Are you considering investing in an electric vehicle? Or perhaps you already use an EV in everyday life but would like a fuss-free way of charging it away from the usual public spot? Let StarkEV take you through your options entering the first months of 2023. Alongside a comprehensive guide to the process of EV charging.

Going Electric

There are plenty of incentives to switch from fossil fuel-reliant vehicles to handy electric variants, though ultimately, the general goal is to ease the overall damage being caused to our planet. With nationwide plans to end the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, government legislation is due to prohibit the supply of traditional non-electric automobiles as it stands.

Going electric is, of course, still a personal choice. Still, with many of the world’s most prominent vehicle manufacturers releasing electric varieties of their flagship models, there are few reasons not to consider at least the advantages of opting for an EV. It is estimated that over 590,000 battery-electric cars are currently active on UK roads, with a further 430,000 plug-in hybrids to boot. Joining the EV revolution is as simple as investing in a vehicle and locating a trusty charging spot.

Prioritise Sustainability

Before even reaching the roads, the production process of a manufactured vehicle has already had a damaging effect on the environment, with fumes and byproducts of factory applications likely harmful. Traditional automobiles are most damaging due to the petroleum products within their fuel, which is of course, sourced from the earth.

Processes to extract fossil fuels from the ground are notoriously pollutive, encouraging CO2 emissions and damaging the immediate air quality. With the transport sector one of the largest sources of emissions, the perks of opting for a more environmentally friendly (but no less convenient) vehicle option are obvious.

Popular Options

Electric vehicles are fundamentally the number one alternative to manual fuel-guzzling automobiles, and with plenty of affordable models, a foolproof charging method and various usability features complete the package. Though many are turning towards other forms of transport, such as electric scooters, pushbikes or even public buses and trains, the reliability of conventional four-wheel vehicles is unmatched.

Desirable Tesla models, electric variants of classic road-ready coupes and comprehensively kitted-out people carriers are just a few of the most popular EV options available. It is theorised that electric vehicles could reduce emissions by half in 2030 compared to conventional petrol-reliant cars. With Volkswagen, Kia and Nissan all releasing hybrid or fully-electric vehicles to rival traditional manual transport, there’s never been a better time to consult StarkEV.

The Charging Process

Many prospective electric vehicle owners are initially intimidated by the charging procedure, but this has been streamlined to make it even easier than filling up a tank with petrol or diesel. Often wall or pedestal-mounted within domestic premises or publicly available, the charging unit itself is easy enough to use. Not as instantaneous as fuelling a car in the traditional sense, EV drivers plug-in whenever they park, and can return to a full battery either in the morning, or following time away from the automobile.

With rapid charging available via specific stations, as long as you have off-street parking, you can charge an electric car at home with ease. Generally, quicker than publicly available stations, an at-home charging station will sometimes be Wi-Fi enabled, with access to smart features like energy monitoring and user insights. This can be particularly useful if overseeing a fleet of vehicles in a commercial context.

Cost-Effective Home Installation?

Arguably cheaper than filling a vehicle up with petrol, and much easier too, you may be exploring the schematics of a home charging point installation, and forming a budget for such a project. It is generally recognised that charging an electric car via a public station is more expensive than doing so at home, therefore with the initial investment out of the way, if you plan on becoming a long-term EV user, simply look at domestic installation as your own way of getting ahead of the crowd.

Helping with every stage of the journey, StarkEV can help to design the bay within your property with an individualised approach for every client we work with. Installing the charger and even painting bay lines when appropriate, receive your very own quote today, and start your EV journey.

Charger Choices

With three prominent charging station choices to select from, those we work with can choose from the flagship EF160CJ EV Charger design, AK22 EV Charger and dual AKEV44 EV option. For further details on each, read on below:

EF160CJ EV Charger

Capable of charging most EV batteries in less than 1 hour, each charger comes fitted with a 7-inch display and straightforward user-interface which makes charging easier than ever. A multi-connector output caters for electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

AK22 EV Charger

The AKEV22 charger is less noticeable than others, and remains subtle and sleek in appearance. Each charger has a 4.3-inch display for easy tracking of your charge. Reduce unnecessary construction costs by having your station wall-mounted.

AK44 EV Charger

Embedded RFID features make this charger the perfect utility for both workplace and commercial settings. The dual charger can power two vehicles simultaneously.

Start 2023 Right

2023 can be seen as the year of the electric vehicle, with an anticipated increase in sales, and consequential rise in the number of EVs encountered on the roads. One year closer to the halt in manual vehicle production, why not take the opportunity to browse electric vehicle options, and refill your vehicle’s energy supply from the comfort of your doorstep! Brand new variants and hybrid classics are being released on a monthly basis, so keep your eyes peeled and join the green energy revolution today.

StarkEV: Tailored Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

At StarkEV, we manufacture and install a large range of charging units and vehicle energy solutions, allowing our customers to power their cars and vans overnight. With leading manufacturers and skilled installers, working with us ensures a fault-free process and a friendly, informative experience. Rest assured that we are OZEV approved installers on both the EV Charging Grant and Workplace Charging Scheme, with all electric vehicle charging installations undertaken by qualified individuals. Following the IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation, our team are passionate and knowledgeable.

Ownership of electric vehicles is rapidly expanding within The United Kingdom, making it increasingly important to prepare for developments within the industry. Whether you’re looking to deck out an individual work vehicle or an entire fleet of vans and cars, we can cater to each and every job. Start the process of installing an EV charge point today, and get ahead of the crowd! Any questions? Contact the team today.