The Benefits Of Electric Vehicles

Owing to an increased understanding of climate change and the direct impact that we, as a global society, are having on the natural environment, more and more individuals are making changes to lower their carbon footprints.

Benefits Of Electric Vehicles

Among the many steps each of us can take in the journey to a sustainable future, choosing to drive an electric vehicle can have a genuine impact. Such advancements in personal and commercial transportation have a range of environmental and financial benefits; with hybrid and battery-powered vehicles becoming evermore affordable, it’s no wonder that so many are making the switch.

Here at StarkEV, we believe that little changes can make a huge difference. Read on to discover a few benefits of electric vehicles.

Environmental Impact

First up on our list of benefits is, of course, the positive impact that electric vehicles have on the environment. It’s no secret that electric cars and vans are a greener alternative to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles; they produce no exhaust emissions and do not burn fossil fuels.

What’s more, with many cities and urbanised environments introducing clean-air zones, electric vehicles are ideal for metropolitan commuters.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Of course, electric vehicles don’t just benefit the planet, they can prove hugely advantageous for owners’ wallets too. On average, electric cars cost just £1.30 per 100 miles of driving, considerably less than the £11.05 that the same distance costs in a petrol vehicle.

The savings don’t stop there, though. Owners of electric vehicles will find they cost significantly less to maintain. Lithium-ion batteries require no engine component replacements, no oil changes and experience far less degradation from extended use than petrol motors.

Home EV Charging

Last but by no means least, owners of electric vehicles are able to charge their vehicles from the safety of their own homes. Installing EV charging points at home is accompanied by a wide range of benefits that can save time, effort and, most importantly, money.

Home EV charging points are much faster than simple mains plug connections and are usually a fair bit quicker than public chargers. Additionally, they’ll cost just a fraction of the price and, when installed by experts such as ourselves, could even improve the value of your property.


Here at StarkEV, we take pride in our reputation for excellence as EV charger suppliers and are OZEV-approved installers on both the EV Charging Scheme and Workplace Charging Scheme.

If you’re searching for reliable EV charging installation at your home, commercial premises or workplace, look no further. We are well-versed in the supply and installation of numerous charging units, ranging from slow to ultra-rapid charging in both AC and DC units.

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