Electric Cars & Solar Energy: Will The UK Ever Go Green?

Now, more than ever, we are aware of the impact that carbon emissions and traditional industries have on our planet. Mass consumption and unsustainable business practices have a damning effect on the natural environment and, without actionable change, could cause irreversible damage.

Electric Cars & Solar Energy

Fortunately, things are beginning to shift; slowly but surely, businesses and individuals are taking steps to facilitate a greener future. What’s more, the UK government has vowed to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Of course, there are endless factors that play a part in the UK’s journey to a net zero, including politics, economic incentives and the implementation of new infrastructures. The question though, is it possible? Could a green future be a realistic possibility for the UK and, if so, when will this be a reality?

Here at StarkEV, we believe that an electric future is well within reach, and are proud to play our part along the way. Below are a few key elements in the journey to a greener future.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are, undeniably, the future of transportation. In 2022 alone, 267,203 new electric vehicles were sold, a 40% increase from the year before. At this rate, our roads will be entirely electric in the near future. This is a positive step towards net zero as, between 1990 and 2020, transport produced a quarter of the UK’s total emissions, making it the largest emitting sector in the country.

Though some have speculated that a sudden rise in electric vehicles would overwhelm the power grid, this is simply not the case. The transition will, naturally, be gradual; even if everyone switched to electric cars overnight, the increase in demand for electricity would only be around 10%.

Renewable Energy

Another crucial step on the journey to net zero is the implementation of renewable energy.  Currently, renewable power sources make up a significant portion of the electricity used by homes and businesses. Though we may be a while away from 100% renewable power, the UK is making leaps towards a green future. Solar, Wind, Bioenergy and Hydropower are among the renewable sources currently powering the UK.

Lifestyle Changes

As individuals, we all have a responsibility to think about the lifestyles we live and their effects on the environment. Everything, from fast fashion to the way we heat our homes, plays a part. Making slight changes to our lifestyles, such as the food we eat, or the vehicles we drive, has a significant effect on the planet.

For example, installing EV charging systems in your home is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. These can even be set up in tandem with solar panels for 100% renewable charging!

StarkEV: Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

If you’re looking to install electric vehicle charging points in your home or business, we’re here to help. StarkEV are OZEV-approved installers on both the Homecharge Scheme and Workplace charging Scheme, which will save you up to £350.00 when installing each EV charge point.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and find out how you can join the journey to net zero.