Clean Air Zones And The Benefits Of An Electric Vehicle

If you’ve been following the news in the last few years, you’ve probably heard about the introduction of clean air zones to major cities around the United Kingdom. From an outsider’s perspective, they can sound scary, with the thought of being charged simply for driving through an area seemingly making no sense.

But clean air zones are a great idea, especially if you’re in an electric vehicle. Here is more about clean air zones and why an electric vehicle is the best option for them.

Clean Air Zones

Clean Air Zones Explained

A clean air zone is a specific location that aims to reduce air pollution in cities and prevent public exposure to harmful pollutants. Diesel engines are a particular source of pollution and can affect the public, especially the elderly, children and people with heart conditions.

If your car does not meet the zone’s standards, you will end up paying money each day you drive through the zone. This encourages the use of cleaner vehicles, restricts polluting vehicles and encourages other methods of transport. Each vehicle type has a minimum emission standard which must be met to avoid being charged in the zone.

Clean air zones can help to improve the traffic flow in urban areas while increasing priority for public transport. There are 4 types of zones (A, B, C, and D) and these facilitate the types of vehicles the charges apply to.

Where Are These Zones?

At the moment in the UK, there are 5 clean air zones in effect. Birmingham and Bristol have Class D zones, Bradford and Bath have Class C zones and Portsmouth has a Class B zone. In addition to this Sheffield and Tyneside will begin charging in early 2023, while Greater Manchester has a zone under review currently.

Why Drive Electric?

Electric vehicles are great if you live in or around a clean air zone as they don’t produce any harmful emissions, therefore meaning you will not get charged for using this vehicle in the zone. Clean air zones are in typically urban areas, and most electric vehicles are designed for this kind of environment, meaning you’ll get the best performance possible while in these zones.

Electric Vehicle Charging Installers

Whether you’re living near a clean air zone or not, if you’re driving an electric vehicle you’ll need regular access to a charging station. While you can rely on public ones, it is easier and more convenient to have your own charging station installed at your home or office.

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