Benefits Of EV Charging Point Installation For Your Business

Benefits Of EV Charging Point Installation For Your Business

EV charging point installation from reliable EV charging suppliers can have profound benefits for businesses of all kinds. Electric cars appear to be key to the future of the UK’s vehicle manufacturing industry, proven by the government’s plans to ensure all new-built cars are electric by 2035.

Read on to learn more about how your business can benefit from EV charging point installation as well as tips for finding EV charging suppliers.

Meet Sustainability Goals

First and foremost, EV charging point installation can help your business massively reduce its carbon footprint. Through this, you’ll be able to meet the sustainability goals of your business and set a good example for other businesses that aren’t as environmentally inclined.

Prepare For Future

With the government’s goals of all-electric car production by 2035, they will begin to put pressure on businesses to have an EV fleet with charging facilities. By having an EV charging point installed on your property, you can be ahead of the curve for this large change in the UK’s motoring industry.

In the near future, EV installation of charging points will be in high demand. By having it installed soon, you can prevent the inevitable expenses and rush for reliable EV charging suppliers.

Improve Reputation

An important benefit found in the installation of EV charging points is how they can boost the reputation and public image of a business. EV installation gives employees the right to reduce their own carbon footprint and encourages the use of sustainable emission-free vehicles.

EV infrastructure and charging point installation will also demonstrate a progressive attitude to clients. This can show that your business is environmentally-minded and responsible in its operation.


EV installation for your business will mean that your business will be visible on websites and smartphone apps for drivers looking for a charging point. This can bring people to the premises of your business and draw in a whole new market – all the while appearing as a useful, forward-thinking company.

Save Money

If your business manages a fleet of vehicles, EV installation can help cut costs and save money. An extra £1,000 can be saved per year for 10,000 miles worth of a commercial fleet’s fuel by having EV charging points installed at your business’ workplace.

More money can be saved through the government-funded Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), which discounts EV charging point installation fees by 75%.

To be eligible for this, you’ll need the electric charging point installation to come from an OZEV-approved EV charging supplier. This is something StarkEV can provide. We are an EV charging supplier dedicated to delivering the best end-to-end EV charging and installation solutions for your business.

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